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Launching, editing, and managing a podcast can be overwhelming. You record, we'll handle the rest.

Sonorous Studio offers podcast editing and episode formatting.

Audio Editing

We make important adjustments to audio such as removing background noise, removing filler words, removing silent gaps, normalizing the volume, and enhancing the vocals to ensure professional sounding episodes. We can also add intros, outros, music, and advertisement segments.

Hosting & Distribution

It's important that a podcast is available everywhere that podcasts can be listened to, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, and more. We provide hosting through Transistor, where episodes can be uploaded and analytics can be viewed.

Sonorous Studio podcast hosting and distribution services.

Sonorous Studio offers automated podcast websites for your show.

Podcast Website

A podcast needs a centralized location on the internet for people to learn more about the show and listen to episodes from the web. We provide modern websites and landing pages, including sites that can update automatically when new episodes are published.


Eye-catching cover art is very important, as it's always the first impression a potential listener will have with a podcast. We design unique covers and social media graphics to set shows apart from others.

Sonorous Studio offers podcast cover art designs for your show.

Sonorous Studio

Pricing & Plans

Any of these plans can be personalized to fit your needs. Let's get started.



For anyone who needs a single episode fully edited and formatted.

  • Complete editing and formatting - removing background noise, removing filler words, volume normalization, vocal enhancement, adding intros/outros/advertisements/music


$249 / month

For podcasters who want to outsource their editing and need somewhere to publish their episodes.

Everything in Single, plus...

  • Up to 4 episodes / month

  • Hosting and distribution

  • Automated website or landing page


$399 / month

For podcasters who just want to record great content and let us handle the rest, including uploading and branding.

Everything in Base, plus...

  • Up to 8 episodes / month

  • Cover art/social media designs

  • Upload episodes/write show notes

  • Custom theme music/vocal intro and outro

Let's get started

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Sonorous Studio

The In-Laws Podcast

Audio editing / graphic design / custom audio intro / hosting


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Sonorous Studio


Sonorous Studio

Service Agreement

Last updated: July 8th, 2020

Please read this Service Agreement carefully before using the services offered by Sonorous Studio ( By using the services we provide, you agree to be bound by this agreement.

You retain ownership of all content and intellectual property provided to us, as well as all content provided back to you by us relevant to your project. You are responsible for all content and must have the rights to share all materials provided to us, including audio recordings, music, and other relevant files for your project. All materials provided to us will be used by us solely for your project. We will not share your files or store them longer than need be for the purpose of your project.We use third party services for podcast hosting (, payments (, and file sharing ( We are not responsible for any issues or interruptions in regard to these services. We reserve the right to discontinue or terminate our services at any point and for any reason. You also have the right to terminate our services at any point and for any reason.You agree and submit to payment prior to the services provided by us. Refunds are issued only when the work paid for has not yet been performed by us.